Farm Fresh

The town of Hershey, Pennsylvania was built as a result of the many dairy farms that surrounded it. This is one of the major reasons that Milton Hershey selected this area to produce his chocolate. In the same vein, The Mill is committed to using our local farms to provide the highest quality dishes.

Another resource is the Farmer’s Market in Hershey. Every Thursday, farmers from around the area come to sell their produce. Our menu will almost always feature creations that use products acquired from the market.

We have also tapped into the day boat fishermen of the eastern coast for most of our seafood including Maryland oysters. These fishermen ship their catch the same day – the fish is never frozen providing us with the freshest fish possible!

We also pride ourselves in our desserts made fresh daily. Since we are located in Hershey, many of our desserts have a chocolate element but even if chocolate isn’t your thing, we are sure to have something sweet to finish your meal.

The Mill’s promise to each of our guests is that we will provide the freshest food- it takes extra effort but it clearly shows in the quality of our dishes!