The building that is now The Mill has been well known locally as The Curry Feed Mill since 1880. The original building served as a warehouse to store grain and feed for the J.H. Balsbaugh & Company Mill operations. In 1906, John B. Curry procured the building after Milton S. Hershey purchased John’s first mill located along the Spring Creek near Swatara Station. A flour mill was added to the operations in late 1907. Due to local demand at the turn of the century, John began distributing coal from this location in addition to the milling business. Upon Mr. Curry’s death in 1913, the business was given to his three sons.

Tragically, in the early hours of May 30, 1914 an electrical fire broke out in the basement and despite a quick response from the local fire companies, the building was completely destroyed. The Curry Feed Mill was rebuilt and production resumed the following year.

Over the years, coal was sold as well as grain. In 1946, Paul O’Neal Curry moved his heating oil operation from downtown Hershey to a site near the feed mill. The Curry’s business produced and sold flour, grain, feed, coal and heating oil until August1976, when Paul closed the mill.

The building was used as a warehouse until June 2012 when we purchased it with aspirations of opening a restaurant and maintaining the historic structure. In order to maintain and preserve the integrity and beauty of this building, the kitchen, elevator and restrooms were built in an addition on the east side. More than 100 years after the rebuilding of The Curry Feed Mill, we are happy to see it filled with Hershey locals and visitors alike.